Well, I enrolled in this program and since I’m not new to the IT field, I was able to finish it in less than one month.

This certificate is new of its kind in that it presents a completely unique approach to introduce those who seek an IT career to the IT field and teaches you the content in a way that you don’t any prerequisites to be able to understand and grasp the content.

This certificate is beginner level and not an advanced one but it has practical labs as part of it which makes the whole program worths it

The complete program consists of 6 courses each of which introduces different aspects of IT. You can say that the program will teach you the basics of

1- Technical support fundamentals, in this course you will learn different facets of IT support along with different ways of handling a help desk position

2- Networking: Well i can say that the networking course will give a strong understanding of TCP/IP and the OSI model in addition to the basics of cabling.

3- The operating systems course: this course has not any theoretical info rather all of the content is practical labs. You will be given access to Google cloud to perform the labs and then graded as such.

4- The Sys administration course: this course takes you to the world of servers administration and presents you with different ways to handle real-world problems and how to implement IT management to solve the problem

5- The IT automation: This course is among the best in the program, it takes to a beginner level in Ruby scripting and teaches how to automate repetitive IT tasks using scripting and how to manage configs.

6- The IT security course: well as a security specialist I can say that this course is well presented and taught. This course presents you with different aspects of security from an offensive and defensive side but does not expect to learn practical labs here.

One thing to add is the Sys administration course needs to have labs for access to windows server environments although it’s not an MCSA course it’s good to have the user gets trained or introduced to Servers

Finally, my recommendation is to seek this program if you are planning to get into an entry-level IT support or help desk job.

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