As all of you know every game has a set of rules among which are the instructions to play the game and the failover when you follow the instructions yet you fail to win.

The main game in the fitness world is Muscle.

Let’s analyze the players in this game:

1- Businessmen

2-Muscle heroes

3- Fanboys

Now according the rules, everyone who plays the game will be happy at the end. For example, Muscle heroes bath in fame and popularity that is supposedly earned with hard work. Businessmen enjoy the backstage fortune for providing the opportunity for everyone and last the fanboys will have the chance to experience what looks like to touch the enlarged muscle fibers and get secrets from heroes on how to tun into a muscular mutant.

What If I tell you that this game is rigged from the start and is nothing more than a politically correct cover-up.

Whats really happening is that the league of Muscle heroes, comprised of bodybuilders and fitness models on heavy gears or steroids, are abused by businessmen and advertising agencies in order to drill a hole in your head through the grand muscle scheme is created and reaches your inner thoughts.

Talking about the grand muscle scheme? The end goal of these businessmen and the heroes on gears is to attack your ego and your sense of self-worth making you believe that whatever they advertise on magazine covers, forums, youtube, and other platforms is your final path into accumulating muscle fibers that make you look like a muscular humanoid.

The first mindset you need to adopt in order to win the muscle game is to withstand the seduction.

This seduction is hiding under the bodybuilding supplements that claim to turn you into a supposedly natural enlarged bodybuilder or fitness model. These products attack your weakest link in the chain, that is, your ego, pride, will, and subconscious mind.

If you want to win this game, you have to activate your real brain and build a shield that resists all sorcery coming your way.

You will experience great suffering at abandoning or not acquiring these bodybuilding supplements or steroids thrown at you and the more addicted you are to it the more it will be painful to leave it. But to be victorious, you have to endure that pain and move on.

I know its tempting to believe that these muscle idols, coaches, and other trainers are truthful and the muscle industry is one happy family brought together by the fight against gravity but that’s very naive.

Once you get past this addiction, you will be free and you will go to the GYM without taking your usual pre-workout supplement. Each set will make you feel better even though there isn’t a flood of protein in your bloodstream.

You will stand and look in the mirror and realize how bullshit there is in this industry and you will realize you need to be true to your self and stop this industry from abusing your will and desire to become someone you were never meant to be.

To be continued..

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