Killing Eve Summary Season 1

Episode 1: “Nice Face

An MI5 security officer who is bored is itching for more action. She is tasked with defending the lone witness after a Russian politician is killed, and before long, she finds herself in direct confrontation with an unusual and ruthless assassin.

Episode 2: “I’ll Deal with Him Later”

Following her most recent job, Villanelle is told to take a vacation. She never follows instructions and continues on to her next mission. Eve, meanwhile, receives a fantastic opportunity to enlist in a covert MI6 squad that is pursuing Villanelle and the dubious company she works for.

Episode 3: “Don’t I Know You?”

Eve and Bill go to Berlin to look into the murder of a Chinese colonel by Villanelle at a kink clinic. Villanelle relishes the game of cat and mouse that ensues between her and Eve as they pursue several intriguing prospects. But Eve realizes this is more than just a game as they get closer.

As Eve gets ready for dinner with a Chinese informant, Bill tells her that he’s known Berlin since his glamorous, long-ago days as a cool gay person. This endearing narrative will be instantly recognized by astute viewers as a classic TV setup for something horrible to happen. And a horrible event occurs! Bill chases Villanelle to a nightclub, where she fatally stabs him after spotting her hiding in a metro station.

Episode 4: “Sorry Baby”

Eve launches her first surveillance operation after receiving intelligence from Berlin suggesting there may be a mole. With the mission of killing a British intelligence agent, Villanelle is dispatched to England. Villanelle thinks she might be Eve. Eve, meantime, is experiencing mental anguish and is aware of the significant risks.

Tensions among the group of assassins grow as Frank runs into the English countryside. Diego is a moron, Nadia is too susceptible to manipulation, and soon enough, Villanelle is working alone once more—exactly how she wants it. Villanelle follows closely behind Frank as he escapes to the shelter of Eve’s vehicle. She lifts her firearm, and…

Episode 5: “I Have a Thing About Bathrooms”

After a terrible near-death experience with Villanelle, Eve has the mole safely tucked away in a safe house and is happy as ever. They have a fantastic chance to learn more and unravel this mystery.

Episode 6: “Take Me to the Hotel”

After a female assassin is arrested in Russia, Eve and Carolyn travel to Moscow to arrange for her release. She might be in possession of the key to the company that manages Villanelle. Villanelle is being smuggled into the same Russian jail in the meanwhile.

Konstantin sends Villanelle to finish Nadia off, but here’s where things get tricky: in addition to being a handler for the mysterious organization known as “The Twelve,” he’s also Russian intelligence and a friend of Carolyn Martens’. Soon, everyone converges on the prison: thanks to Konstantin, Carolyn and Eve are allowed an interview with Nadia. They offer her a deal in exchange for information, but Eve becomes suspicious of Carolyn’s connection with the Russians—and Villanelle kills Nadia before she can reveal the truth.

Episode 7: “I Don’t Want to Be Free”

Eve begins to doubt her own judgment as the situation in Moscow worsens, raising tensions. Eve goes renegade despite the danger, her sights set firmly on Villanelle. The stakes are bigger than ever, with pressure mounting on both women.

It soon becomes evident that Villanelle and Anna had a mutually obsessive relationship, much like Eve and her! In the meantime, The Twelve free Villanelle from prison and assign her a new handler and target, Konstantin. After killing the new handler, she goes to Konstantin’s residence to kill him as well, but he manages to get away. When Eve gets back to the team’s temporary Moscow headquarters, she finds video of Villanelle taken from inside the jail where Nadia was killed. She was in the visiting rooms with Carolyn Martens, an unexpected visitor.

Episode 8: “God, I’m Tired”

Villanelle is being forced to take extreme steps because her aim is proving to be anything but simple. Eve, meanwhile, discovers a startling discovery that brings her straight to Villanelle and an intense encounter from which neither will survive unharmed.

After taking Konstantin’s daughter hostage, Villanelle strikes a deal in which she gives the child back in exchange for Konstantin and Eve returning the money and passport Eve discovered at Anna’s apartment. Following the altercation, Eve is dismissed and Konstantin is shot and murdered; nonetheless, this does not stop Eve from pursuing Villanelle to her Paris residence. The women admit their nuanced feelings for one another there. However, Eve stabs Villanelle in the stomach just as it appears that they will finally get together. Villanelle fires a shot at her before vanishing.

Killing Eve Summary Season 2

Episode 1: Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?

Episode 2: Nice and Neat

Episode 3: The Hungry Caterpillar

Episode 4: Desperate Times

Episode 5: Smell Ya Later

Episode 6: I Hope You Like Missionary!

Episode 7: Wide Awake

Episode 8: You’re Mine

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Killing Eve Summary Season 3

Episode 1: Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

Episode 2: Management Sucks

Episode 3: Meetings Have Biscuits

Episode 4: Still Got It

Episode 5: Are You From Pinner?

Episode 6: End of Game

Episode 7: Beautiful Monster

Episode 8: Are You Leading or Am I?

Killing Eve Summary Season 4

Episode 1: Just Dunk Me

Episode 2: Don’t Get Eaten

Episode 3: A Rainbow in Beige Boots

Episdoe 4: It’s Agony and I’m Ravenous

Episode 5: Don’t Get Attached

Episode 6: Oh Goodie, I’m The Winner

Episode 7: Making Dead Things Look Nice

Episode 8: Hello, Losers

Killing Eve TV Series | Key Facts


Sandra Oh portrays Eve Polastri, an MI5 agent confined at her desk who has a macabre and compulsive fascination with female assassins. Eve draws the attention of MI6 when she speculates that a woman may have killed a Russian politician recently, and she is assigned to work in an underground team that has been established to look into Villanelle.

Eve forms a special obssessive relationship with Villanelle throughout the show. They end up together on a boat’s deck before Carolyn shots Vaillanelle.

Eve fails to save her relationship with her husband due to her over-obssession with catching Villanelle. As a result, her husband Niko leaves her and ends up in a rehabilitation center where he gets assaulted by, Dasha, one of the gang members called the twleve whom Eve has been investigating.

Villanelle (Oksana)

Villanelle, whose name was inspired by a perfume, is a cunning, erratic, and extremely dangerous person who enjoys seeing her victims expire. She also has a tendency to become sexually attracted to older ladies with gorgeous hair. Her initial identity was Russian Oksana Astankova, a gifted linguist who was imprisoned in Moscow after killing and castrating the spouse of Anna, her language instructor and lover.

Beyond her terrible stabbing wound, Villanelle has more to be concerned about. She has repeatedly damaged her relationship with her previous employers, “the 12,” killing the new handler they sent and probably doing the same to Konstantin, her previous handler.

Villanelle eventually forms a mutually obssessive relationship with Eve. Villanelle recruits herself to work Eve and kills all members of the twelve group in the finale before she gets shot (probably by Carolyn).


The covert spy squad pursuing Villanelle was purportedly established by Carolyn, but as the series went on, it became increasingly difficult to discern the MI6 agent’s true intentions. The fact that she appeared to be friends with Villanelle’s previous handler, Konstantin, was unsettling enough, but it became even more unclear which side she is on when Kenny, Carolyn’s son, discovered proof of a long-term affair between the two.

Carolyn did a great deal to erode Eve’s confidence in her when she was in Russia. When she found out that Nadia, the team’s only lead and the main reason they traveled to Russia, had died, she didn’t seem to be phased. She told Eve that she had let Vladimir, her other Russian contact, take the blame for revealing information that Konstantin had allowed to leak. The most strange of all was when Eve discovered video of Carolyn meeting Villanelle in secret while she was incarcerated.

The show finale shows Carolyn talking over the walkie-talkie confirming the death of Villanelle after the latter got shot while with Eve. This confirms that Carolyn might be the top member of the twelve group.

The Twelve Group

The team Konstantin works for, who give Villanelle and other assassins her assignments. Villanelle was informed by Konstantin that he was not a “keeper,” hence he did not have their names. The Twelve were bribing Frank Haleton, who claimed that “there is a sequence, a pattern to these kills.” They are causing instability from the bottom up. According to Frank, “chaos” is the Twelve’s ultimate purpose. Taking a look at the targets they go after: dishonest lawmakers, mob lords, and military cyber hackers.

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Rotten Tomatoes score is 96%

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