Many people define success and happiness life as one that you can’t reach unless you accumulate wealth and fame. While wealth and fame are important means to be happy, there are other elements that when absent turn your money and fame into elements of misery.

The mission to be happy and successful is a very complicated endeavor and more than 90% of people, including the rich and poor, still looking for an answer. Before I list the elements of real success and happiness, lets get some things clear

  • Success is not relative but rather an absolute state where there is only one straight path to it. Many people claim success and when you take a deeper look into their lives you see boredom, stress, depression, anxiety, un-fulfillment or whatever you name it that doesn’t align with a happy life.
  • Happiness doesn’t come from an external stimuli although it matters but true happiness is a feeling that comes from within.

so lets start,

How to be fully happy and successful?

1- Follow a religious routine

This is a debating topic but many people feel that going to the church or to the mosque is essential to feel refreshed and stress free. In Islam, Muslims who reach a level so close to Allah (God) say that they didn’t see a glimpse of sadness in their lives and still many christians feel that being close to god is very essential to happy life.

Why do you think that religion is important to construct a happy life? Because it talks to your soul and if have a repressed and sad soul then the materialistic world can’t feed you with happiness. Many people who don’t believe in religion arrive at this conclusion very late when they get old and see that they did everything but still there is something missing. The missing thing is soul nurturing 

2- Perfect and long lived-Health

Health has always been an underestimated element by many people and the reason behind that is the same reason why so many people can’t be happy. Many people don’t know what it is like to have a perfect health. Many young people don’t feel they have messed up their health until they get old where their bodies start to weaken and the effects of an unhealthy youth start to float.

So what is the perfect physiological and physical health? and how to lead a healthy life even when you reach 100 years old?

  • Eat Healthily: Your diet is what makes you who you are. If you eat junk then your body will reward you with junk system. Having a healthy diet shouldn’t require an overpriced consultation with a nutrient expert. Your diet should contain all necessary elements that your body needs. You should avoid eating Pizza, KFC, McDonalds, Muffins, Cake, Donuts, desserts, Pasta and the list goes on. If you still want to indulge yourself with these food, you can eat a limited amount once every month and if you have health issues then you need to cut it completely until you restore your health back.
  • Fasting: fasting is not so common habit among people as it’s hard and requires self-discipline. By its non religious definition, fasting is the refrainment from eating and drinking (except water, coffee, tea and lemon) for a set period of time. Many researches have proven that fasting for more than 16 hours a day ( skipping a breakfast ) has been shown to boost health significantly. Fasting aids in weight loss, improved mood and cognitive function, empowered immunity system, clear skin, autophagy ( a mechanism where our bodies do self repair on cells ), improved memory and brain function, reduced inflammation, improved overall fitness, reduced risk of cancer, diabetes type 2 and heart attacks, decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and improved insulin sensitivity. There are many types of fasting to talk about here but most common types are the 20-4 and 16-8. Personally I follow 20-4 on a daily basis. Best time to eat is either morning or before bed by at least 3 hours.
  • Sleep: Sleep is also an underestimated factor. I can’t stress how important is sleep. You should aim to sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day and not more than 9 hours. Sleeping time is also paramount. If you regulate your sleep between 10-12 PM everyday, you get to have a full night sleep which is essential to your body’ function and performance particularly your brain function. Try to minimize the number of times where you sleep after 12 AM at night since you won’t allow your body to take advantage of the night to repair and rejuvenate your cells. If you follow a bad sleeping routine such as sleeping late in the night or not sleeping sufficiently for extended days and months, your brain will start to malfunction by being constantly nervous and agitated. Your immune system will be very vulnerable to simplest illnesses and you will be stressed out most of the time. Your decisions will be erratic and you will fall in a vicious circle that would take training and therapy to get out of. If you work night shifts, then find another job. Sleep is the most paramount elements for perfect health.
  • Practice No-fap and Semen Retention: You can read up my post here about this slept on important element
  • Exercise regularly: Incorporate a working out routine in your daily routine. It can be long walks, sprinting, running, resistance training or any other sport that work your mind and body. Those who exercise are less susceptible to get sick if they follow a good diet and sleep well.

What about mental health ?

  • Maintain good relationships: Social life is also valuable to your health. You should consider talking and meeting up with friends and family regularly just for socializing. If you live alone, talk with your relatives and friends over the phone or whatever. Try to meet with new people by maintaining a smile on your face and striking up a conversation with strangers. If you are more of an introvert and selective, try to keep your social life a live as much as you can. Spending too much time alone with no interaction with other people will lead to loneliness and depression.
  • Family is first: Your family is the most paramount thing in your life. No amount of money, fame or wealth could make up for a broken family. Family is the basic building unit of all societies. Build healthy relationships with your close and distant family members as much as you can and as long as the relationship is balanced and reciprocal. If you go into problems with your family members, you will need to exhaust all possible workarounds and try different resolutions to maintain the relationship.
  • No Stress: stress is the hidden lurking crusher of your health. You have to stop everything that is causing you to stress out. This includes toxic relationships and stressful jobs. Yes you have to quit your job if it is stressing you out because no amounts of money will make you sleep fully at night if you are stressed and no amount of raises or promotions will help you when you fall in pain as a result of stress or anxiety. If your partner, coworker, family member or your boss is causing you constant stress, find a way to stop it or cut the relationship loose. Stress and anxiety have been the leading reason of all life and health issues including insomnia, weight gain, obesity, anorexia, weak immunity, frequent sickness, falling family relationships, loneliness, broken friendships, sadness, depression, smoking or even Alzheimer and Cancer. Even if you are a business owner, balance your business with your life. Don’t be a greedy individual and make all your life centered around gathering money while giving little to no consideration to other life aspects. If you do that, stress will eat you from the inside out and soon you will wish you have considered life and work balance.
  • Don’t chase love relationships : Having a significant other such as a boyfriend or girlfriend is natural and normal but chasing it too much and thinking about so that it dominates your mind then it’s time to stop it. If you follow the elements in this post, then most likely you won’t struggle finding a partner if you are open to it.

3- Learning and Self Development

No one can know everything no matter how much they learn and read that’s why you should always learn and read. Enroll in online courses, learn from experts, read books, take notes and look for the piece of knowledge everywhere. You shouldn’t stop learning because you are too busy working or because you are complacent with what you know ! If you don’t add up to your knowledge then you are slowly falling and your knowledge will become outdated. The world is changing fast and everyday we see new information and data about every single field. Successful people never stop learning and they always read and have time to self develop.

4- Give to the community

Our world now is in a very urgent need for those who give and provide value to others. If you are a business owner, then focus your business on delivering value to the society and don’t worry about money. Money follows value and need. If you provide people with value and satisfy their needs, money will follow. Greedy companies and bad business owners chase only money even if its on the expense of other people lives. Those companies are destined to fail sooner or later. Anyone can give back to the community. Start a Youtube channel, a blog, a social initiative, charity project, business venture or whatever you are passionate about you know it helps people.

5-Be the sole controller of your time

Time is the essence of life and if you mismanage your time by dedicating all of it to work or to activities with no sensible value then you are wasting your life. Your time is your own property not your boss’s time and definitely not to be wasted elsewhere. Aim to distribute your time to important activities evenly and equally. Dedicate time for work, family, working out, socializing, reading..etc. Aim to be the sole controller of your time. If your time is owned by someone else then you will struggle with happiness and success.

6- Entertain your self

Life is to be lived and you need to indulge in activities that entertain you. Don’t belittle this because without it you will be burnt out very soon. Watch movies, play video games, go to the cinema or whatever you find entertaining and recharging.

To Be Continued.

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