The Iron Reign TV Mini Series 2024 | Key Facts & Characters & Ending Explained

The Iron Reign TV Mini Series 2024  Starts with a story, which takes place in the Port of Barcelona, centers on the ownership of Joaquín Manchado, the port’s main terminal, and his control over illegal cargo. It also depicts the gang war that breaks out following an accident and the discovery of a stockpile of cocaine.

To begin with, we have Rafael Ramirez Pereira, the head of the cartel, who dispatched his two children, Ariel and Lucia, to transport a consignment to the port of Barcelona. That was Joaquin’s role. His duties included receiving the consignment, navigating customs, and cooking the finished product before delivering it to Massimo Carfora of the Italian mafia. The Italians ran a vast network of drug peddlers all across Europe who would sell high-quality drugs on the street without raising any suspicion. Carfora was hiding in the basement of a remote residence because he was the subject of multiple warrants. Dealing with Pereiras and Manchados was his trusty right hand, the Frenchman (who was also Italian).

The Pereiras were therefore forced to wait until the finished product was given to the Frenchman following the shipment’s arrival in Barcelona. To finish the deal, the Frenchman would make arrangements for money to be sent to Mexico in the interim. But while Joaquin was away, Czar’s Mail was stolen, and then everything went crazy and there was anarchy all around. The money belonging to Carfora became stranded in the middle when the police blocked all the accounts because of suspicious actions, and the Mexicans blamed Manchados for losing the drugs. This was a disaster that had no way out, especially for the Manchados.

The show benefits from a high budget. Sceneries, the port, the ships, resources. All this contributes to a solid staging and a professional appaerance.


The actor, Eduard Fernández, Joaquin Manchado in the series, is really good in his role, he becomes the capo, the Barcelona ‘godfather’ of a criminal network that he manages with an iron fist, and not just metaphorically. His performance is largely the best in the show, and he single handedly saves the entire show. He is gritty, dark, complex. And, overall, the actor is very natural: the way he speaks, the way he moves, he is very credible in the role of the port kingpin.

Chino Darín As Víctor Julve , a dock worker who joins Joaquin’s gang and has a troubled past with Rocio, the drug lord’s daughter. Darín gives his most subtle and impressive performance to date in this Netflix series because of the character’s tragic backstory and nuanced morality.

Ending Explained

The ending episodes of the Iron Reign mini series shows that Nestor and the dishonest police officer Miki arranged everything and stole the drug shipment. Nestor, as his mother called him, was a “port rat” who hailed from a lowly home and was the son of a bartender. She seemed happy with her life, clearly, but Nestor wasn’t. He dared to sell goods inside the Manchado empire’s borders despite their regulations since he wanted to make a great impression, and Joaquin even made fun of him for it.

During their teenage years, Rocio, Joaquin’s daughter, and a young Nestor, Victor, were friends. Rocio was the object of both Nestor and Victor’s crushes, and they both wanted her to pick one of them to date. Even though Victor had won the race to win her over, it was a difficult choice for Rocio to make because she didn’t want to lose the friendships.

In the end, she went with Nestor. Iron Reign is a vengeance thriller since it was only disclosed at the very end. The series did not explain why Rocio made this decision, but it is noteworthy that both of these boys utilized Rocio to exact revenge on Joaquin. Now that Joaquin had murdered his father in cold blood, Victor had enough reason to exact revenge, but why Nestor? I think he was simply greedy, but perhaps Iron Reign season 2 will disclose more about his past.

After growing up wanting his father’s approval, Joaquin’s son Ricardo eventually developed a gambling addiction and lost millions of dollars. To put it briefly, Joaquin lost faith in him, which presented Nestor with a chance to win Joaquin over and gain his allegiance. However, Joaquin only trusted his own blood, so even if Nestor grew to be a significant member of the family, I think that in the end, Joaquin would have given his daughter, Rocio, the business, thereby binding Nestor to her permanently. However, Nestor didn’t love his wife and began an affair with Alex, an MMA fighter, with whom he intended to finally settle down. However, it would not have been feasible while Joaquin was still alive, which may be the rationale behind Nestor and Miki’s plot to remove Joaquin from the picture and take the medications for themselves.

With Joaquin out of the picture, Nestor was left dealing with just two players. Ricardo, the addict son, was the first, and Roman, the alcoholic sibling, was the second. Nestor was aware of their lack of mutual attraction. Using Ricardo’s truck, he stole the drugs and planted them on Lasagra, a third-party farm. Roman mistakenly thought that Ricardo’s truck at that location had stolen the Czar’s mail, even though it was untrue. Nestor caused Ricardo and Roman to turn against one another, leading to their final deaths and paving the way for Nestor’s ascent to fame. Now, all he wanted to do was divorce his wife, but the Mexicans abducted his daughter Sandra before he could make plans. Yes, Victor’s daughter, not quite his daughter.

The fact that Joaquin eventually emerges from his coma is the major revelation of Iron Reign’s ending. Thus, if Joaquin returns to his former glory, he will kill many people, starting with Nestor and Alex. He might even take his anger towards Ariel and Lucia to the extreme and kill them for touching his grandchild. Victor will probably assist the police in apprehending Joaquin if he doesn’t change sides, which will put an end to the cycle of retaliation. It might not be incorrect to propose that Victor and Rocio have a happy ending in the end.

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IMDB score is 6.4 ( I rated it 5 personally)

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