Story Inspiration

The story of the Lincoln Lawyer was inspired from a lawyer who used to work out of the back of his car from a real-life person: David Ogden, a Los Angeles attorney [who passed away in 2020].

Season 1 and season 2 takeaways

  • Judges and jury members are all subject to bribery, tampering and extortion`. It was revealed that the judge holder who was supervising Mickey first to be the one who tampered with the jury selection in Trevor Elliot’s case.
  • Mickey is a good lawyer but he always ends up defending for the bad guys 🙂 Trevor and Lisa are the perfect examples. He acquitted Trevor who turned out to be the real murderer of his wife and Lisa who although was not the murder in the case of Bondurant’s murder she killed her husband and buried him in her restaurant which she refused to sell to Bondurant (as part of his construction project in her neighborhood) and got her involved in his murder case.

Mickey Character and Quotes

Quote [1]
Mickey says he tries to leave his client better off than when he found them. He has a hard time telling [Hayley] what clients he wouldn’t represent because everyone is entitled to competent and effective counsel
Quote [2]
I can win almost any case as long as I know what I’m dealing with.
Quote [3]
A pretty good lawyer wouldn’t go to trial with nothing, would he?
Quote [4]
I mean, we are talking about whether or not you go to prison for the rest of your life, Trevor, and you couldn’t make time to meet with me.
Quote [5]
One thing I know, in court success is all about momentum.
Quote [6]
Before you can win, you gotta act like you can win, which means you gotta believe you can win.
Quote [7]
Opening statements are special. It’s your time to bond with the jury, but go on too long, you’ll lose them.
Quote [8]
If your client is the  hero of the story, sometimes you gotta give the jury a villain too.
Quote [9]
You played me, Trevor. I don’t get played.
Quote [10]
Something happens to me or my family, it’ll go to places you don’t want it to.
Quote [11]
Okay, let’s be clear on something, Lisa is a client. Nothing more, nothing less. Like any client, she deserves our full scrutiny. Yu think she’s guilty? Go ahead, make your case.

Maggie Character and Quotes

Quote [1]
The only thing I’ll regret is not putting this guy away while I have the chance.
Quote [2]
Some lawyers, they can just leave it at the office. Lock it up, get on with their lives. It’s not me. It’s certainly not you.
Quote [3]
You want me to trust you again? Then start by trusting me.

Lisa Character and Quotes

Quote [1]
The fastest way to a man’s heart is through excessive flirting and a to-go box of Korean short ribs.

Lorna Quotes and Character

Quote [1]
If I keep pulling all-nighters, you’re going to have to carry me down the aisle
Quote [2]
I’m telling you, he thrives on this.
Quote [3]
That Wasn’t Meant For You. But If You Heard Me, You Heard Me.

Cisco, Mickey’s Investigator

Quote [1]
Innocent till proven guilty. It’s a fundamental tenet of our justice system.
Quote [2]
You didn’t hire me just to tell you what you want to hear.
Quote [3]
I left a motorcycle club to work for you, and somehow, my life has gotten even crazier.

Trevor Elliot Character and Quotes

As we see in season 1, Trevor was revealed to be the true killer of his wife and was able to orchestrate the murder using his drone so that no blood or other evidence would be found to incriminate him. He used his wife’s coding skills to develop the games his company produces and builds his fortune while keeping her in the shades. He decided to kill her with her lover when she decided to reveal everything and come forward. Trevor also lied to Mickey about connections and ties to the Russian mafia to coerce him for defense. Trevor was shot dead in season 1 finale by one of the yoga instructors’ clients.

Quote [1]
This is your one shot. So, you better take it, or I will find someone else who will, even if I have to represent myself.
Quote [2]
People see a rich guy hiding behind a wall of suits, and they automatically think you’re guilty.
Quote [3]
There’s two juries, Mickey. The one in the courthouse, and the Twitter Mob outside.

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