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She asked “Why do you hang out with a 21 year old and you’re 33?!

I replied: “Cause who else is free? You ain’t free. You’re wearing the same scrubs you put on 16 hours ago. Who else is free?

Age is real, but it’s not a deal killer. It’s not everything. Maturity knows no number.

I was a late bloomer. Some people are early bloomers.

I know 35 year old 18 year olds and I know 18 year old 35 year olds. Maturity is not bound by age. But then again, what’s so great about maturity?

Who’s free is free, who’s not is not. Who’s free is who can hang with me.

Who’s willing is willing, who’s not willing is not willing. Age? No, friend, it’s mindset. It’s that simple.

Old people like me are usually set in their ways. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But you could spend hours teaching a puppy.

So don’t get me wrong, youth and immaturity is fantastic. Young people can’t help but smile.

I hate to keep harping on Thailand, but over there a 31 year old man with an 18 year old girl is no big deal. A 33 year old man with a 21 year old protégé is no big deal.

So why is it a big deal here in the land of the free? I don’t know, man, I never bothered to ask what the correct ages are I can spend time with.

I should really find a nice girl my own age who I could complain about things with. Right? Yeah right.

I don’t like all young people, of course. I don’t like all old people either. I don’t really like most people, so if I like you I’m not really concerned about the date of birth.

Because there’s so few of us.

It’s us vs them.

I only really have 3 friends in the world. Here are the ages of my 3 friends: younger than me, same as me, older than me.

And they all do what I do. That’s the glue that holds us together. Everybody else is an acquaintance.

Everybody comes for the advice, everyone comes for the know-how.

But nobody stays for the follow-through. Only those 3 ever did.

Those who stay for the follow-through get the benefits and the rewards.

You see, it’s time. You don’t just get the knowledge and then receive the reward. In between the knowledge and the reward comes time.

It’s time that you are required to give. Time time time. Time and content. That’s how I do it.

Time + Content

How do you put out the content? What do you do to create the content?

You spill your guts and then you edit. That’s it, man.

If you write, write the way you speak. If you video, video the way you speak.

Speak the way you speak and talk to one person.

How do you change lives? You talk to one person. All my content is for one person.

If one person reads it and follows it and follows through and has a success story then that piece of content has been a success.

If one person watches how to make money by being yourself and follows through then hey, they might end up on the beach with me.

People want to meet me all the time. “Victor, I’d love to buy you a drink and hear you talk.”

But the reality is that when I meet people it has nothing to do with how accomplished or not accomplished or how young or how old they are….

It’s destiny. It’s always destiny.

If people are meant to find you they will find you. This is why I don’t advertise B&D.; If you’re meant to find it you’ll find it.

Don’t ask me how to change your life, seek to find the answer yourself.

Don’t email me bleeding your life story. Email is free. When you bleed, don’t bleed for free. And don’t bleed for me cause I don’t care.

I don’t read your blog, I don’t watch your videos, I don’t even hear you, but other people do. Bleed for them.

Why don’t you show other people what you know. Bleed for them.

If you need to know it, someone else needs to know it. If you found out, tell them the answer.

I needed to know “How the fuck do I get free? What do I do?”.

I didn’t email strangers on the internet asking how, I just went out and found out.

I said: “I don’t know how to do it but I’m gonna go on this journey and I’m gonna find it and I’m gonna show you how to do it.

Be a lone wolf but don’t be alone

Cut the bad relationships out and keep the good ones.

Honestly truly it’s really hard to be alone. It’s a lot easier when somebody’s in your corner.

What to do if you don’t have somebody in your corner?

You always have somebody in your corner, you. Your business is first. Business comes first.

If you are your business and your business is you and business comes first what does that mean? It means you are first.

If someone wants to come in and be the navigator and let you be the driver, that’s great. They are the passenger and the navigator and they can helpfully read the directions for you – so you can focus on driving.

You don’t want a backseat driver telling you how to drive your car even though they’ve never driven your car. It’s like saying…

“I’m going to tell you what you should do even though I don’t know what your thought process is or what your plans truly are. But I don’t believe in you and I’m going to tell you what to do.”

Friends, family, mom and dad, girlfriend, wife….

You shouldn’t expect other people to change as you change, that’s not their job. Your job is to guide them and lead them and their job is to follow. They don’t need to change, they simply need to follow.

Their mindset won’t change, at least not right away. The only thing that should change is their admiration for you.

They’re them and you’re you. You go on your adventure and take them with you. They won’t change, but their respect will grow. “I’m so proud of him. I wish I could do what he does”.

And if that doesn’t happen, if their respect and admiration doesn’t grow, it means you haven’t completed the metamorphosis yet. Give it time.

Eventually it will happen. You’ll molt and they’ll know. When they sheepishly ask to borrow a few dollars to cover a family emergency, give them a whole lot extra and they’ll know.

And if they are there, if they followed you into the dark, if they didn’t nag, if you made it and they helped you – take care of them. Let them taste the good life. They deserve it because they invested their most important asset into you – their time.

Support, love, care are so important so if you got it from them you had an advantage.  Be grateful (after you’ve made it through) because it’s only after you’ve made it through that you’ll realize how great they were.

The Metamorphosis

You should be changing, you’re not the old you anymore, you’re not Joe Schmoe anymore. You’re bigger than that.

And if you’re not bigger than that then you’re not doing what I’m telling you to do.

You will change when you change. That’s when. It won’t come sooner. The change will come right on time.

From a caterpillar to a butterfly. Everyone starts as a caterpillar so don’t feel bad. If you want to become a butterfly, you will become one so just relax and be patient.

(But not too patient – money never sleeps and you barely will either).

You gotta have a little patience in this game. Your time will come. Believe it and reality will bend to your will.

When it does come, everybody from your past will tell you you’ve changed and, with a big smile, you’ll say thank you for noticing.

You’ll say: “Thank you for noticing my metamorphosis. Thank you so much for noticing. Glad you’re able to see what I can do and thanks for the support.”

They don’t need to support you at first. They don’t know your vision.

Nobody knows your vision except for you. They don’t even need to believe you.

All they need to do is get out of the way and let you do your thing and not nag and be a drag, that’s all.

They don’t know your vision and they won’t know it until they see it with their own eyes.

You know why they don’t know your vision? Because they don’t have your eyes.

The world looks different from my eyes than it does from your eyes.

So what do her eyes see now? Who cares. She can think whatever she wants to think but what she can’t do is nag or be a drag. Thinking unsure thoughts is forgivable, being a nag and a drag is unforgivable and is punishable by abandonment.

What will her eyes see in the future? That’s what counts. Past is nothing, now is nothing too. What will she see in the future? You already know, she doesn’t yet, but she will.

Her eyes will see a man who started from nothing and achieved everything. And her eyes were there to witness.

Nobody knew what I was doing. Even I didn’t see the grand scope. I didn’t see the big picture.

It’s hard to see the masterpiece on a blank canvas, it’s much easier to see the first pencil stroke, then the second, then the third. Eventually the masterpiece reveals itself.

All I knew at first: this is what I’m gonna do. This is it. This is what I do now. This is it.

No back up plan

I’ll be poor forever doing this before I go back to State Farm insurance, I thought. I’ll be poor forever.

I will live in china on $800 a month for as long as it takes. Thankfully it only took a year and a few months, but I could have spent years trying.

I have the will to endure forever.

“Just endure”, like I told Mikey C. five years ago. And he did. Like Drake said, he started from the bottom now he’s here.

But don’t forget to do the work. Endurance becomes stagnation if you don’t do the damn work.

Live Well

I like to live well. I’m not living on a budget and I’m not trying to save nickels and dimes. I like to live well. I don’t own much still and never will but I live well.

Years ago the lady at the private airport in the Philippines asked me with sincerity: “Do you live well?

I answered yes but I was wrong. Now I see. I can see now. I still lived in a tunnel then and only a little light was visible, but I can see it all now. Now I live well.

“You’ve changed, your old articles are not like your new articles! It’s like you’re not still living in a $400 apartment in Dallas in the ghetto, or a $100 apartment in China. What gives bro, did you change?”

Yes I did change and thank you so much for noticing.

What do I do everyday? What always comes first? Work and make money.

What comes first? Business.

It’s almost like it’s easy, isn’t it? It’s almost like its easier than working a real job.

It’s almost like all you gotta do is be you and live your life and then give people the information and the knowledge.

Am I arrogant to point out that people ask me in person every single day how they can do what I do? Is that arrogant?

I don’t know if it’s arrogant but I know that it’s funny – none of them even know what I do.

I don’t tell anyone about B&D.; But they ask me, every single day, to teach them what I do.

What do they know? They know the aura. They can smell it.

I don’t tell them about B&D.; If they really wanted to know they would’ve found it.

It’s my job to create, it’s not my job to advertise to 9-5ers who want out. It’s their destiny to find B&D.;

My job is the work, your job is to find it. If you don’t find it, you either didn’t try or it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe you belong in your 9-5.

I’m not the work. B&D; is the work. Leave ME alone and find B&D;, if you were serious. If they were serious they would’ve found B&D.; But they’re never serious.

They would’ve been on their computer searching for the answer. They would’ve been searching for the answer and the answer was right in front of their faces, but they looked away.

Where do you look? You look forward. You don’t look behind you. The past is the past. That’s gone my friend.

You look forward. You look for it. You know what I do when I want to find some information? I find it.

You figure it out. If it’s your fate, you find it.

What do girls always say to me about their job?

“Ughh, I hate it! I wish I could do what you do!”

And I say, “I know you do”.

Everyone wants to do what I do because I still have my soul. I sold pieces of it for a long time because I didn’t know any better.

I didn’t know what the other option was. But goddamnit I knew it was there, some damn where. It just took me a long time to get there.

Years in the making.

8 years ago I quit my job at State Farm. I called my girlfriend at the time 8 years ago and I said:

“We’re probably gonna have some hard times ahead, but this is what I’m gonna do. I’m letting you know in advance. Hard times or not, this is what I’m gonna do.”

She said: “Ok. I trust you.” And she meant it. She was terrific. She supported me fully.

And you know what happened 30 days later? Within 30 days I made $4,000.

I’d never had more than about $1,800 before that in my bank account, even though I always had a job.

When I quit my job I focused 100% of my time on the business. I’d never been so focused on anything in my life and I made $4,000 in 30 days.

Since that day I’ve been way up and I’ve been way down. But I’ve never had to go to anybody and say:

“I have to be at work tomorrow. I can’t fly away tomorrow, sorry.

I can’t fly with you, I can’t go play with you. I can’t just pick up and go.

I have to be at work tomorrow and all week, but if you want to get drunk on Friday night and Saturday night with all the other soulless and miserable people, then I’m your man!”

I’ve never had to say that.

What do they always say? They say:

“Hey, a day off! A holiday! A 3-day weekend! Let’s spend it drinking, dude! Hey girl, let’s spend it drinking!

Work on something on my off-time? No way! I hate my job, you don’t understand. I hate work! Why would I work on my day off?

I hate my job, I would do anything to quit and have my own business and now I have 3 days off so let’s drink! I don’t want to think about work! Let’s spend it drinking! 

Monday’s gonna suck! Monday’s gonna be awful. Can’t wait till I have another 3-day weekend! Can’t wait ’til my own business picks up! Can’t wait………..”

But you know what?

It’s hard to build a business when you have to spend so much time doing something else.

It’s hard because it takes time. You have to give it your time and you don’t have the time if you’ve given your time to something else.

If you don’t give it your time, you don’t get nothing in return.

When I worked at State Farm, I spent all my time researching my other business. I didn’t want to work at State Farm, cold-calling and selling insurance, but I wanted that steady paycheck.

You know what I realize now? I realize now that I stole the owner’s money. He owned that State Farm. It wasn’t a corporation, it was a franchise. He owned it and he had to pay all the bills.

I stole that man’s money because I didn’t really work for him. I lied to his face, I told him I would but I didn’t really. I spent my time there researching my other business.

He didn’t know it, but that man gave me the opportunity to research and spend my time doing my other business while I pretended to work for him.

I was just a kid then, I had no idea about business. But now I know, I stole his time and his money. He gave me a great gift. I should mail that man a check for every penny I stole from him, with a sincere thank you…

Thank you for showing me the way” it would say.

“It wasn’t your intention to show me the way, but you showed me. You were the last step because I hated it there. And I found my destiny there.”

That job was like school for me, because I found it. I found the answer. It was there that I found the answer.

I had a job before State Farm where I spent all day surfing the Internet. That’s all I had to do, literally. They paid me just to do that. So everyday I surfed the internet.

It was there that I should’ve built my business, but I didn’t because it was too easy. They paid me enough money that I was fine.

So I just surfed the internet. Did I try to build a business? Yeah, right.

I just waited till 7PM, till I could go home and hit the gym, fuck my girlfriend and watch movies and drink.

That’s the life, huh? Getting paid to do nothing? Yeah, it’s alright. Not bad, as far as jobs go.

Better way, though, is to get paid for being YOU.

More money in it. More freedom in it.

Certainly more isolation in it. Nobody talks about that, the isolation of growing.

Who do you relate to? You don’t relate to the people at your job, but here’s a secret:

If you related to the people at your job in the first place, then that’s where you belong.

Do you feel that’s where you belong? If you feel it, it’s probably real.

I never related to my “co-workers”. They were like aliens to me.

And you know what’s funny? You know what they always said to me? You know what they knew?

They knew that I didn’t belong there.

They would say, “Why are you working here?

I would say, “I need the money” and shrug.

But they knew. Their inflection told me. They said, “Why are YOU working HERE with US? You belong in, like, Hollywood or something.

They knew better than I did. They knew much better than I did. They even believed in me more than I did. I always thought I needed a job as a safety net until I “got my big break”.

I simply didn’t have any understanding then, I didn’t realize what it took (everything), I didn’t realize big breaks don’t happen randomly. You make your own luck and then you get lucky.

I knew all too well that I didn’t belong there. But what the hell else do you do? That’s what I didn’t know.

I’m a late bloomer. It takes me a long time to realize things. I just endure until a solution presents itself. Sometimes the solution presents itself a bunch of times before I see it. Late bloomer and all.

I would have done it when I was 18 but I didn’t know. I didn’t know nothing about nothing. No one told me, just like no one told you.

I just knew I didn’t want to be like them. Well, that’s a lie. It’s not that I didn’t want to be like them, I knew I wasn’t like them and that I could never be like them. I never “fit in” anywhere in my whole life.

“But what the fuck do people like me do?” Who knows.

When I was young, we didn’t really have the Internet. We didn’t have YouTube. There was no Bold & Determined. There was nothing like that. We had to read books and figure it all out. But books didn’t know either.

I’ve said it a thousand trillion times: I just didn’t know. But now I know. It’s so simple and always was. And now I put what I know into B&D; so you can know too.

You, sitting alone at night on your computer, now you can know.

Do I lay it out step-by-step every inch of the way? No I don’t. There’s no such thing as a step-by-step plan to freedom and wealth.

Success flows like water. What did Bruce Lee say? He said be like water.

The principles are the same. The principles never change.

Everybody who ever did anything did it the same way: Time, dedication, obsession, focus.

What did they do when they lost focus? They drifted off. Their art wasn’t as good anymore.

But maybe you only have a period of a certain number of years with that intense focus, so when you’re in that period, what do you do?

Content. Art. Deals. Keep the momentum going.

Don’t break the momentum. Don’t stop. For the love of God, whatever you do, don’t stop.

What happens when you stop? You stop, that’s what happens. Everything stops. And that’s the worst thing that can happen. So if you never stop, it never stops.

You know what is more important than money in life? Having a mission. You cannot be aimless and be fulfilled.

But here’s something maybe you don’t know: You cannot be on a mission and be fulfilled either. There’s no end to this mission, it never stops.

If I could just make $100 a day I’d be happy, until I made $100 a day.

If I could just make $1,000 a day I’d be happy, until I made $1,000 a day.

If I could just make $1,000,000 I’d be happy, until I made $1,000,000.

That’s the beauty of the mission: it never has to stop. That’s the beauty of it. The fun ride never stops.

And even if it did stop, you can’t be driven for so long and then be happy when the ride stops.

I always wanted my jobs to stop, I always wanted school to stop. I never want this to stop.

When you love something you don’t want it to stop. When you need something you don’t want it to stop.

It’s only when you don’t want something, when you don’t like something, that you wish and wish and wish that it would stop.

Well, you can make it stop, if you so wish. Anyone can make it stop.

If you’re under 18, here’s what you do:


You know what happens when you’re 18? You’re an adult and you’re legally free.

You want to make it stop? OK, make it stop. There’s no excuse for an adult to not make something stop.

Children must endure until they are adults. Children have a valid excuse for not living the life they want. Adults have no excuse.

So if you want it to stop just make it stop. If you want it to stop, that is.

But the beauty of living life on your own terms is that you don’t want it to stop. You’ll even beg God to never make it stop.

The biggest fear of people who live on their own terms is that it’s going to stop.

Regular people wish for it to stop. Exceptional people lay awake at night hoping and praying and asking God to never make it stop.

You don’t think it’s going to stop, see, you’re afraid it’s going to stop. It’s your biggest fear: that it stops and you have to go back.

You know in your head that if you don’t stop, that if you flow like water, it wont stop because you have the momentum going.

But I never said you logically think it’s going to stop, I said you’re deeply afraid that it’s going to stop.

And it’s fine to be afraid. You can let that fear drive you.

It doesn’t matter what drives you. It doesn’t matter what the motivation is. Fear? Courage? Who cares.

It doesn’t matter what drives you as long as you’re driven.

The eyes don’t tell lies.

When you talk about your work your eyes should be wide, like a crazy man.

Crazy eyes and deaf ears.

You can talk to me but I won’t hear you. See the whites of my eyes? That means I can’t hear you. It means I’m busy with my own thoughts.

When you talk like that with crazy eyes and deaf ears that’s when you know you’re on fire.

Crazy eyes and deaf ears – that’s when you know you’re on your mission.

I’ll tell you about my business with crazy eyes and you’ll respond but I wont hear you. Your response doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you think.

You don’t have crazy eyes. You don’t have my eyes. You don’t know the vision. I could tell my plan to you or to a brick wall and it’s the same outcome – I won’t hear a response.

Talk talk talk talk talk all you want, it won’t matter.

My eyes are open and my ears are closed. I don’t need your input because I already know.

In my eyes it’s as clear as the ocean blue water in the Philippines in July 2013 when I had my epiphany.

What was it? That’s for me, that’s not for you.

I could tell it to you but it would sound like Mumbo Jumbo. It’s clear to me but to you it would be Mumbo Jumbo.

What’s your epiphany? What’s your plan?

Figure it out but for the love of God don’t tell me about it because I don’t care. It’s your plan. It’s for you. Tell it to a brick wall.

My plan is for me. Your plan is for you. Got it? Good.

If you tell me about your plan with crazy eyes I’ll believe you. I’ll believe you if I can see the whites of your eyes because the eyes don’t tell lies.

I won’t hear you but I’ll believe you. If you ask me 5 minutes later what your plan was I won’t remember. But if you tell me with crazy eyes I’ll believe that you believe it. I’ll see it in your eyes when you talk about it.

If you don’t have the eyes you don’t have it. Not yet.

So what if you don’t have it yet. What did I already say? It takes time.

If you talked to me at 21, I didn’t have it, I didn’t know. I was a late bloomer.

If you talked to me at 25, 26 the eyes started getting crazy then.

You talk to me at 31…. just kidding you wouldn’t talk to me at 31. I wasn’t there. I was too deep in it.

I wasn’t there, I wasn’t a person. I was not a person when I was 31. You couldn’t talk to me.

Now I’m here. Five years of crazy eyes and now I can truly live well.

“Wow that’s so great the way you live, that’s so awesome what you do, I wanna do what you do! How do you do it, can you teach me?”

Yes, I can teach you but you won’t follow it. You won’t like it.

5 years of crazy eyes and deaf ears. Can you do that?

“Oh no, I don’t wanna do that. I wanted to make money tomorrow!”

And I’ll say “yeah, I understand. Five years is a long time to live free and live well. After all, you already put in 4 years for a promise of a job and weekends free”.

So who in their right mind could expect to work for 5 years to achieve something? Who would do that? That’s too long.

Instead, here’s an idea: Go into debt, spend 4 years learning nothing from nobody’s in a university and then go find a job, go pay back that debt, and meet me when you’re 27 and say, “I wish I could do what you do.

And I’ll say “if you truly wished you could then you would.”

Cause when I was 27 I spent five years in a tunnel, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel but I didn’t see anything outside of the tunnel.

You ask me about a movie, a musician, a book that came out in the past 5 years, I don’t know about it.

I don’t know about it because I had crazy eyes and deaf ears. I lived in a tunnel and all I saw was the big bright shining light at the end. That was my destination and I didn’t stop to catch the latest movie.

If it wasn’t in that tunnel I didn’t see it and I didn’t hear it. You had to be in my tunnel or you weren’t alive. You had to have an invitation to my tunnel. Almost nobody had that invitation.

Give all to get all. I gave all to get all and now I live well.

So you wanna do what I do? That’s great, I love it. Start today and spend everyday for the next 5 years thinking about it.

“Thinking isn’t work.”

Not true. It takes brain power. Thinking is 90% of the work. You gotta use your brain.

How do you make money by being you if you don’t have a brain? You don’t and you won’t.

Yes, thinking is work. And you’ll never be able to take a break.

You wanna know the negative part, the side effects of living life as a free person? You’re never free from the thoughts.

Go sit on a beach with pretty girls and pina coladas and blue waves and servants serving you whatever you like.

Great life, isn’t it? You’ll be thinking about getting back to work. You’ll be thinking about content.

How can I turn this into content? Stupid question. You already know how to turn it into content, you don’t need to think about the how.

When you can afford a real vacation you’re already an expert. Everything is content in your life. So you never think “how can I turn this into content” because it’s as automatic as taking a pee-pee in the morning.

Everything is content. If it’s good content, release it. Bad content, don’t release it. But file it away in the back of your mind with all the other memories that you have turned into big business.

When you’re on the beach and you see these young street performers having a great time on the beach, performing an amazing show for a large crowd, you think….

….these young performers are lean, young, athletic, fun, sexual, free, well maybe, actually not really free. Not like you.

It’s clear at the end of the show, before the big finale, when they beg the audience for money. They’re free in other’s eyes, but not in your eyes.

You know that these young, free, tan, lean beach bums need money like everybody needs money. It costs money to be a free and lean beach bum. Everybody needs money.

Does money buy happiness? Don’t give me your dumb answer because it’s a dumb question asked by dumb people. Any answer to the question is a dumb answer.

You need money like you need air and water and food. Money is the 4th element. You don’t live without it. You need it as much as you need air and water and food and that’s a fact.

Another fact: the more you have of it the better you live, the better you live the happier you are. The happier you are the…… wait…… so does money actually buy happiness?

I already told you, don’t ask me that question because it’s dumb.

The young and happy street performers gotta beg for it. It puts a little smile on your face knowing that during the show you got email after email after email after email saying….

New message: You have received money.

You watched the street performers show and you watched them beg for money. You probably made more money in that hour than they did. All you had to do was sit there and all it took to get there was five years of obsession.

To outsiders, it looks like all you did was play with your phone a little bit and check your emails.

But where were they when you were in your tunnel? Where were they when you didn’t watch a movie for 5 years?

They were probably at their jobs. They probably thought they had it all figured out.

“I went to school, I got a great degree in blah blah blah! Now I have a great job making 150k a year!

All I had to do was spend 4 years, go into debt and sell my soul to have other people tell me what to do and all I do is complain about it and get drunk on the weekends!”

But there is a way. You’re gonna spend five years working on something that’s ridiculous. Yeah it is ridiculous. You gotta be a little crazy to play the game with no net.

What was my backup plan? That’s a joke. Make the choice. Backup plans are for people who don’t make choices.

You can always make money doing something. You can always get a job doing something. You don’t need a real backup plan. Jobs are always there.

You need that focus. Focus and time. Focus and time works for any business that you want to do. The principles are always the same.

But the method that you use to get there is not going to be drawn on a map for you.

Just kidding, there is a map. It’s called Bold and Determined.

The map is in front of your eyes, it just takes crazy eyes to crack the code.

Can you hear what I’m saying to you?

If you can hear me, you weren’t listening.

Until next time,

P.S. – Start your fucking blog right now because I said so.

Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me any questions. Just do it.

Start your blog right now and spill your gutsSpill your guts, and in five years you’ll have all the bucks in the world.

Spill your guts and make some bucks. It’s the easiest fucking thing in the whole world.

And I just gave you the easy, step-by-step blueprint to cracking the code, living like a King and being free for a lifetime.

In case you didn’t figure it out by now, here it is in the simplest terms I could ever say:

Live the way you really want to live.

Actually, that’s a big fat fucking lie. This is what you do instead…

Have a vision in your head of the way you really want to live. Imprint that vision in your mind. Think of that vision every day and every night.

That vision is your life goal. Now you have a goal. A mission.

You will never truly be able to live exactly the way you want to live. And that’s the beauty of the Victor Pride Patented Plan For Success ™.

You’ll always have something to work for and you’ll never want to stop. I don’t want to stop, ever.

It’s never enough and it never should be enough.

More more more more more more more.

I swear to God I lived Spartan so I could get everything. I didn’t know it then but I know it now.

Start your blog, make your videos, if that’s your goal, and start now.

If you ask me in the first year how its doing, I’ll ignore you.

If you ask me in the second year how its doing, I’ll ignore you.

If you ask me in the third year to fly out to your private villa in Greece which you have paid for using the age old wisdom of “do the work”, and you ask me to be your guest, well, I just might respond.

Adios, amigos. See you in Greece. Maybe I’ll see you in Spain. Maybe I’ll see you in Cartagena.

Maybe you’ll come see me in Venice Beach for the Patented Victor Pride Shut The Fuck Up Don’t Ask Me Any Stupid Questions Seminar ™.

Here’s what you do at the weekend retreat for killers and real-dealers: ___

Just kidding. I wouldn’t trade a weekend in exchange for money. I don’t have the time.

I can’t trade my time for money. It’s not possible because I already traded all of my time that I will ever have.

Close your ears. Open your eyes. Do the work.

Next time you ask somebody that you don’t know a question about your life crisis, this is what you do: write it and then delete it cause you already know the answer.

You just want confirmation. You just want the confirmation that it’s the right thing to do. If I tell you that it’s the wrong thing to do, you’ll ignore my response. You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do anyway. So just do it in the first place.

You’re like the people that wanna do what I do but they don’t really wanna do it. They just wanna do it if they don’t actually have to do it.

So don’t waste my time. Cause my time is already gone. Its been spoken for and I’ve already told you everything you needed to know about everything about life.

When you reach that point of no return, maybe you can be like my friend Mike C. and come out and see me.

If you haven’t reached that point, start now because it takes time. It takes a lot of time, friend.

Time time time time time time.

All you have is all the time in the world and all it takes is all the time in the world.

It takes all the time in the world so you’d better start right now.

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