In this video walkthrough, we covered conditional statements in Assembly and used Radare2 to analyze a sample file taken from a TryHackMe contest: Advent of cyber 1 2019 Day 22.

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Challenge Description

McSkidy has been faring on well so far with assembly – they got some inside knowledge that the Christmas monster is weaponizing if statements. Can they get ahead of the curve?

These programs have been compiled to be executed on Linux x86-64 systems.

Check out the supporting material here.

The questions below relate to the if2 binary.

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Answers / Day 22

Use Hydra to bruteforce molly’s web password. What is flag 1? (The flag is mistyped, its THM, not TMH)

Use Hydra to bruteforce molly’s SSH password. What is flag 2?

Video Walk-through

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