In this video walkthrough, we covered a pentest for an windows active directory machine where we conducted different kinds of testing techniques such as AS-REP roasting, Kerberoasting and DC sync to complete the challenge.

OSCP Certificate Notes

Windows Active Directory Penetration Testing Study Notes

Room Introduction

VulnNet Entertainment just deployed a new instance on their network with the newly-hired system administrators. Being a security-aware company, they as always hired you to perform a penetration test, and see how system administrators are performing.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Operating System: Windows

This is a much simpler machine, do not overthink. You can do it by following common methodologies.

Note: It might take up to 6 minutes for this machine to fully boot.

  • Author: TheCyb3rW0lf
  • Discord: TheCyb3rW0lf#8594

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Room Answers

Answer the questions below
What is the user flag? (Desktop\user.txt)
What is the system flag? (Desktop\system.txt)

Video Walk-through

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