I watched the mind hunter TV show and must say that the show is appealing and wonderful. Since the show is entirely based on analyzing the psychological aspects and behaviours of criminals, I took my notes after watching every episode to creating a full portfolio featuring the criminals and the psychological takeaways.

Quick Facts about the Mind Hunter TV show before I start

  • Two seasons with season 1 having 1o episodes and season 2 having nine episodes
  • Plot description can be found here
  • Cast can be found here

Profile 1 Ed Kemper
-Killed six coeds and raped their corpses.
-Killed his mother and raped Her when he was 21.
-Killed his grandparents as a teen.
-Felonies were planned
– Watched all cop’s TV shows and wanted to be part of the California Highway Patrol but was refused.
– Humiliated by his mother because he reminded her of his father.
– Used to cut off inanimate objects like his sister’s dolls.
– Was sent to live with his grandmother because his father also did not want him.
– Was sent to a rehabilitation institution after killing his grandmother.
– Has never had a date in his life.

Profile 2 Monte Ralph Rissell
-Killed and raped four girls.
-Felonies were not planned and were spontaneous
-Started getting into trouble at 14 years old.
-Had a history of probations, counseling, and therapy back in high school.
-His girlfriend cheated on him.
-Likes to get beer and weed when angry.
-Let one of his victims go just because she told him her dad is dying of cancer.
-Parents divorced when was 7 years old.
-At 17, started working double shifts in pizza hot after living with his mother and stepdad which they divorced.
-Had always the feeling of being left alone.

Profile 3 Brudos
-Stealing lingerie from clotheslines when he was a teenager
-Breaking into homes stealing women’s underwear, shoes, and dresses.
-Escalated to kidnapping and murder.
-Married with two children
-Got his first pair of women heels at five years old
-His mom dragged him to the backyard and burned the shoes after she saw him wearing them around the house.
-His mom always told him she wished he was a girl as she always wanted one.

Profile 4 Richard Speck
-Killed Four women and raped one after the intention of robbing them.

Profile 5 The BTK [Bind, Torture, Kill] Killer
-Murder and robbery of a retired military house that has five kids, a dog, and a wife.
-Stole watchers and driver licenses.
-Murdered one of the kids, an 11-year-old girl, in the basement where she was tied.

Profile 6 David Berkowitz or the Son of Sam

– Calls himself the sex-starved daydreamer
– Claims that all his crimes were to serve demons
– Most of his shootings were random and included male victims with their girlfriends.

Profile 7 William Pierce Jr
-Seven Murderers after being paroled in 1970
-Born during the great depression
-Had only his mom whom he loves and hates his father
– Drove a truck for the Georgia highway department and liked it.

Profile 8 William Henry Hance
-Beat and hit two black prostitutes with a bludgeon
-Invented a white supremacist group called the forces of evil

Profile 9 Ex-con Charles Manson
-Cult Leader
-Convinced middle-class teenagers to commit seven Murderers
-Denied responsibility of the murderers.

General conclusions about the psychology of the serial killers
-They achieve sexual gratification through violence
-Most had poor and neglected childhood.
-They generally struggle to contribute as adult members of society because of
poor childhood
-Jealousy is a common motive for their crimes.
-Most men who received bad treatment, excessive scolding, and sadistic treatment from their mothers/wives would most likely seek revenge against other women in an amplified form of revenge and vengeance.
-Delusions of grandeur id a common trait.

-Most of them go back to the crime scenes to re-live the experience.

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