In this series of posts, I am going to outline my notes on the TV show ‘Mind Hunter’. The notes will be psychological classification and profiling of the criminals displayed in the show.

First Profile: Ed Kemper, American serial killer

Ed Kemper American Serial Killer - Mind Hunter

Credit: Netflix

List of Felonies and crimes committed:

  • Killed six coeds and raped their corpses.
  • Killed his mother and raped Her when he was 21.
  • Killed his grandparents as a teen.

Profile History:

  • Watched all cop’s TV shows and wanted to be part of the California Highway Patrol but was refused.
  • Humiliated by his mother because he reminded her of his father.
  • Used to cut off inanimate objects like his sister’s dolls.
  • Was sent to live with his grandmother because his father also did not want him.
  • Was sent to a rehabilitation institution after killing his grandmother.
  • Has never had a date in his life.

Psychological takeaway:

  • Most men who received bad treatment, excessive scolding, and sadistic treatment from their mothers/wives would most likely seek revenge against other women in an amplified form of revenge and vengeance.

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